As private practice we perform circumcisions in the practices in Bochum and Duisburg . There, in a medically responsible manner, Islamic circumcision is performed on babies, young children, and men under local anesthesia or nitrous oxide sedation.

If the operation is performed under a local anesthetic, it means that your son may eat and drink before circumcision. During the nitrous oxide sedation, a 3-hour sober time is sufficient.

These two videos explain what laughing gas treatment means, how it works, and how nitrous oxide works.

Since ritual circumcisions in Germany are not covered by health insurance, you will receive a private invoice from us Circumcision (circumcision) can be performed in children from the first day of life. After the procedure, paracetamol or ibuprofen suppositories are sufficient to relieve pain.
There are no waiting times for circumcision in our practices. The circumcisions are performed on both weekdays and weekends.
A follow-up examination and wound control are included. The exact time will be agreed on the day of circumcision.
Under sterile conditions and following the medical art, circumcision is performed on your child.
Bring clean underwear and possibly diapers after surgery.
We expressly point out that we perform the circumcision and the follow-up only in our practice and not in the patients at home!

Advantages and Recommendations:
- No general anesthesia : Generally, we recommend that you refrain from general anesthesia, as this represents an unnecessary burden and an additional risk for your child. Local anesthesia or nitrous oxide sedation is usually sufficient in our pruning method.
- Timely : Circumcision should take place as early as possible. According to the Sunna, parents are advised to perform circumcision between the seventh and tenth day after birth.
The longer circumcision is postponed and the older a child is, the higher the risk and the potential for the child to experience a psychological trauma - Expert : Circumcision should be done by a doctor.
- And simple : Some medical colleagues use circumcision clamps (which have to stay on the penis for a week), but these increase the risk of infection and cause unnecessary pain after the anesthesia dies down (as these plastic clipping clamps permanently tighten the foreskin) press). According to the cutting methods we practice, the utensils are not required. The patient will only go home with a bandage after circumcision.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us at 0176 9023 6975 . If it does not press immediately then please call between 9 and 20 o'clock.
With us you are right. Your child is in good hands with us.